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How live dealer blackjack is played

Have you heard of live dealer blackjack on TV? If you have not personally experienced live dealer blackjack, this is to familiarize you with how it is played.

Ever since live dealer casino appeared on the scene in 2004, this segment has seen phenomenal growth. Essentially, live dealer casino, or live croupier casino is a form on online casino offering live table games which have real dealer interaction.

What is meant by real dealer interaction is that you are provided with a live casino game which has a webcam feed so that you can participate in the fun, of live Baccarat, live Roulette, live Poker or live blackjack on TV. You can go online and join in the game, with audio and visual feedback, a live Blackjack game, and you can do this from wherever you are, with a real dealer handling the casino online game. You might have been physically present at the casino; instead, you are sitting behind your computer and playing from there.

So now you probably have a clearer idea about live dealer blackjack on TV. It consists of a live, real croupier, Blackjack table and webcam feed for you to join in the game and its excitement. All these are broadcast from a live online casino.

Playing at live dealer blackjack is not all that different from playing in a land casino, with the same rules. The real difference is the number of players is not limited like in a land casino card table. With live dealer blackjack, an unlimited number of people can join in the casino game. Each player plays against the casino dealer independently.

Your aim is achieving a higher total than the dealer’s, but it must not be over twenty one, which would be considered busting. The live dealer has to draw till 16 and stand at 17. Live dealer blackjack on TV is played following the basic rules of strategy, which is the optimal play in each round of betting. The players have to decide whether they will play the basic strategy or fold. The maximum and minimum bets are posted on the card table online image of every live dealer casino.

The great thing about blackjack on TV is that you can now play your favorite game online and you need not step out and go to a ‘bricks and mortar’ or land casino. You can enjoy the same casino excitement and fun right from the familiar comfort of your home.